The problem in my community.

There are alot of problems in any highly densed urban population especially one right between two huge bodies of water. I live in coney Island, on the right and left side of me right now is coney island creek and coney island beach and in front of me is the atlantic ocean. Basically I live on an island..well now its a penisula but its a long story, the point is building huge apartment buildings on a small island and stuffing 500 or so people in each building will cause ecological damage that people won't worry about because of the economical benefits. What does this have to do with the main point of this blog "water waste", well EVERYTHING. Water just doesn't waste itself folks.

In my building floods aren't uncommon. I get a devastaing flood running through my house about 4 times a year on average. Thats about an olympic size pool of water just being wasted yearly just because people aren't doing their jobs. And with this water comes the sewer essentials.
Yeah you know it, feces, dead things and other body some unknowns.
The summer just has to be the biggest example of water waste..first off, as I said before WE ARE SURROUNDED BY WATER. But yet people think its a good idea to leave a sprinkler on on every block from morning to sunrise even if noone is in the water. Not only is that wasteful its kind of stupid. Water is our life source, when that becomes unattainable for some reason thats the end of us. Some people just don't think that way, water is water to them, its just some natural gift from the earth that will always be here. People need to wake up and smell the h20 and respect our enviroment.

So what can I do to change this sad situation? Alot, I can write letters to my officials, set up harsher fines and other deterrents for messing with my enviroment, my ecology, my life.