My food's ecological footprint

My family has a very good appetite for food. Most of my family is not picky with what they eat. My mom and I cook many different varieties of food, sometimes we cook vegetarian style foods and other times we prepare meaty dishes. No matter what we cook we always start form scratch. Some items that are always in my house hold are: Honey nut cheerios, a half gallon of milk, fruits like oranges, eggplant, and occasionally pomegranate. Usually my family would go to grocery stores to obtain these foods. What we did not realize is where these foods come from. A simple trip to the grocery store is the equivalent of flying across the country.
Our delicious Honey Nut Cheerios are shipped from Minneapolis. The cardboard that the cereal is in comes from Jordan. The milk on the other hand is shipped form New Jersey. The plastic container from the milk is brought here from china. The juicy orange is from Florida, the pomegranate arrives from California and lastly the eggplant is a product of Mexico. Here we see that five simple food items come from five different states and three different countries.
Sometimes my family also eats fruits that are out of season, meaning that the fruit may have to come from the other part of the world. Can limiting the food we eat to only seasonal food decrease the amount of acres people use everyday for one simple meal? It may, but buying foods from local Farmers' shops can be more beneficial to our environment.