Let's Change!

Well, in ever community you got your, ups and downs. An every community got its bad and good, even if you live in a goodie, goodie community. In that case its sometimes just sweep under the rug. But not in My Neighborhood, everything is just a foot right out side your door. If I could have a chance to change on community issue in my area. I would change the obsessive uses of drugs in my area. Where I live in a Brooklyn project community, where we are ostracized as a down graded area. in my community people seem to let the problem solving be over come by drugs. An un fortunately its brings more violent problems to the community. Kids in this area seem to have no roll models, just the ones that they see on the streets. Drugs aren't the only issues here, its the door way to many issues. I hate the fact that I cant sit out side my door, an cant just get some fresh air or clear my mine without having to worried and I bet I'm not only me that feels this way. If I could just educate people about this issues and how much it can lead to more problems. Maybe people can see that they can get help for their community and clean up their own acts. Cause as I notice over the years people seem to complain that they want to leave out of the are. But it seems they don't do nothing to do so. I mean if your busy shooting up, or fright about territory. Then how do you expect to even get close to leaving. Well, I'm not sure of the purpose be hind that. But I just would like to go out side to the park in front of my house with my nephews, and not have to worry or over look the are for pipes, nettles, bags or any other things like that. I mean I know lots of people expect an area like mine to be such a way. But why must it be that way, Cause it a local urban project community in Brooklyn. It also some times amaze me where, less the 70 yards from my area that in which surrounds mine. Gets more attention then mine, as for like the parks are clean, streets and things seem to get repaired when they are need to be done. I mean why must we live in an are that get no attention, and our future of this world must walk around seeing people who aren't afraid of just, handling their dirty business right there in the open. Why should we have to deal with it, when we have the authority to do so. Or is it just like everything else? The more offered ($$$) the faster the job gets done!
So in this case I just would like my area to be safer and less drug abuse in my area for me, an the future of others. Maybe if we all pitched in and stop giving the spot light to the thug life and more to the more educated or wiser. Maybe then something can get done. Maybe places like my community can be looked at in more positive then negative ways some day.

Maybe we just might gets some where, one day.