My area is a water based community. Everyday people use the bay to catch fish, go boating and just ponder aimlessly while watching the geese. However, the bay is also used as a wasteland where many throw trash into. Although there is no visible sign of harm done, there is a variety of destruction to both the environment and the life in the water.

In the past 2 years the mercury levels of water have increased by 20%. Why? Pollution! Every time I pass by the bay i see trash being tossed. Every time i pass by the bay i see waste being spilled. As human it is our responsibility to be concerned with our environments. Although we do not see the effects of pollution on the bay does not mean that they do not exist. The boats which are used to go out fishing pollute the water so much that soon enough species of fish will begin to disintegrate from the bay.

The long term effects are tremendous to our "water". As citizens of the Sheepshead Bay community we have a duty to rectify the situation presented to us. We have the responsibility to make a healthier environment for the fish. If we join as a community we can clean up the bay and protect it from gradual destruction.