Death in American Culture

American Burial

Death! This is one event many people do not want to think about or let alone, decide how they want to be burred. Within the great American Custom of burial. Which is mostly consisted of a ceremony, and a burial. Which the corps is places in a casket. Where they are lowered under grown, in a resting place (mostly a cemetery) to rest in peace.
But many may not known, a hundred of year ago this custom of burial was not placed or even excited. Other cultures, even until this day, have their own rituals. Which even continue to this day!
(Picture above is of a Casket which the body is then lowered into the ground.)
At one time or another, we were place under ground in a open body, without a casket. Some people might believe that it was to continue our life, or know as re-carnation of life. When this its done, our body decays under the ground and help send nutrients to our soil. Which helps in rich our grown and continue it life in other organisms. This would mostly typically known to be a type of food chain or a life cycle. Cause one thing helps another to continues its life. But now a days, its unfortunately know to be toxic for our own self and our environment. That's why a casket is mostly place, to stop or reduce the process of decay. some do not believe in the process or burial, in which we believe in America. Other country and religion have their own customs. Some even have more then one process. Some cultures burn the body's, some just bury them under grown as they are, with flowers and other spiritual items. An some even cover the body's up in
these cloths like material with a type of liquid soaked on it to help the body to say persevered for their after life. lots of culture continue these rituals, but mostly in there own country's.
Here in America it's not a loud, due to the fact that our body gives out toxic waste. Which can harm our environment, and can ill ourselves. The reason our body's are so full of toxins, is cause of the food that we place in our body's. Food now a days, aren't as natural then they were years ago. Food now gets altered and genetically engineered. Which in other words, are given things that we do not necessary need. These food alterations, are sometimes made to increase flavor, texture, color, etc. But also not only food, vitamins, medicine that isn't necessary to take. People now a days don't take care of their body's like they used to. That's why our body's over time develops toxins that let out of our body, which harm our environment.
(picture located above indicates
is a tomato getting genetically engineered
with unknown, minerals or toxins.)
That's why if you ever wonder why American culture of burial, consisted of a casket. Is to let the bodies decompose in a closed, sheltered area. But many do not understand, is that when doing this and placed these toxins in our body's, we do not allow our life cycle to full go on. Cause human body's like animal body's, can provide the development of rich soil, so our environment can takes in and allow it to grow and expand. Especial now that their is less natural resources, that aren't genetically developed or man made. In every way we sort of cut off our lives expand more and more each year. What can we do?