Ecology of 5 Things in Your Own Household- From Your Supermarket to Around the World

Ecology of 5 things in my kitchen


Yellow= Milk
Milk- Elmhurst, Jamaica New York, made by Holstein cows
Plastic Container- China
Label- New York
Blue= Honey
Honey- Mercer Road Natick, Massachusetts (packaged)
Plastic Container- China
Label- Massachusetts
Bees- Massachusetts
Extractor- Massachusetts
Cheese-Glenview, Illinois (packaged)
Boxing- Russia
Label- Illinois
Plastic Wrapper- China
Adhesive- London

Grey= Red Wine
Wine- Woodbridge, California (packaged)
Grapes- Egypt, Dubai, California, China, Turkey, Pakistan
Glass Bottle- China, Dubai, United Arab Enmities, Pennsylvania, Egypt, Pakistan, India, Iran
Equipment- California
Cork- Pennsylvania
Green = Olive Oil
Olive Oil- Azusa, California (packaged)
Olives- California, Italy, Greece
Plastic Container- China
Label- California