Whether you were born here in America or in a foreign country, we all leave a footprint in our society. Our culture, our beliefs and our ways of living impact the way our society forms. My ecological footprint in correspondence with my societal relationship is quite enormous. Coming from a foreign country, I have brought many new views and ideas to Brooklyn.
Although I was born in Vienna, Austria my heritage goes back to mother Russia. My family is from a small city in Latvia called Riga. Riga's culture and mentality is much different than that of American's. Organic foods, healthy diets, and Chinese food with more fat than food do not exist where I am from. In Riga everything is organic, everyone has a healthy diet for the most part, and fattening fast food restaurants are a rarity.
In 1989 my family moved to America, the land of opportunity. My family brought with them a new culture. They brought new foods, new style of clothing, and an overall new frame of mind. As I became older I began to incorporate American values and traditions into my life. I began to eat those Big Macs and those fried dumplings. I began to litter on the street as if it was a "normal" thing, and I began to dress differently. the impacts I have made on my "nature" far exceed that of one person. In fact a survey I took on myfootprint.org has showed me that it would take 4 planets to hold everyone if they had lived as I do.
Overall, my life so far on great planet Earth has proven to be changing. I have transformed from being foreign to being traditional. My footprint on Earth has altered the way we live and interact. If we were to measure my foot print, then everyone would be covered up. So, how big is yours!?