My Ecology

Many of us live in the cities where we easily forget that nature works in close loops. We go to the store to buy food with money from the bank machine and, later get rid of the waste either by depositing it in the bank alley or flushing it down the toilet. Big city life breaks natural material cycles and provide little sense of our intimate connection with nature.

My family and I was born in Haiti, my dad move to America because of his job he had in Haiti and that's when he went and filled out for my mother and I and my sibling's to come because Haiti politics, safety, health,freedom, job, and a better life. from Haiti to America It takes us 4 hours of plane, when we got here, we move to an apartment in Ocean Avenue.We didn't have a car back then so we usually ride the train to go anywhere we were going. for my6 brother and I it takes us an hour to go to school, but my sister walk to school because her school was three blocks away from the house. When i came, i saw a whole new life, that i have to live in, new nature, new style, new music, new food. Every morning when i wake up i eat a banana fruit that come from Australia. and for lunch i eats a ham sandwich, the ham come from a a pork, the haunch of a pig or boar.Ham can either be dry-cure or we-cure. a dry-cure ham has been rubbed in a mixture containing salt and a variety of other ingredients (most usually some proportion of sodium mitrate and sodium nitrite), sugar is common in many dry-cures in the United Stated. the bread come from weed. if everyone live like me they would need 3.4 planet.