Problems In My Community

In my community, the biggest problem that harms the environmental problem is cars, fuel exhaust, and noise. The house that I am living in is next to two major road ways, a car factory, and a police precinct. The noise is normally generated by the police cars rushing to a crime and the operation of the factory. The air pollution is caused by the two major road ways near my house, the Conley Island Avenue and the Ocean Parkway. Another problem to my community is fuel exhaust. The use of cars in the police precinct, the use of cars on the two roads and the factory is the cause of all this fuel exhaust.

There are many cars near where I live. The pollution from the two major roads causes a lot of fumes. The road normally contains new cars so the pollution is less. More pollution is added into the air by the police cars. Most of the time the pollution is added into the air by the factory next door.

Because of the roads and cars, there is lots of fuel exhausts near my house. Most of it comes from the factory next door. Some of it comes from the police station and some from the two major road ways. The police station has a fueling station that also exhausts lots of carbon dioxide. In my community there are lots of problems.

The only way that I think that I can help my community is by supporting of trading in your old cars for new cars and make the car company have shorter hours of more days off. There are many cars on the two roads because it is a major road way. I can’t stop it because it is a state road. Altering it by any means means that I go to jail. Since the newer cars produce less pollution then the only thing I think that I can do is to persuade people to trade in your old cars and trucks for money to buy newer ones.

The factory next door is privately owned. It is also a very big auto industry, changing it would be a big problem for me and the owner. The only thing I can do is to sign a petition that states that the warehouse should open less hours and not so many cars to be repaired or use less machines during the process. In my community, it is hard to change anything if the causes of the problems are a police station, two major state/ city roads and a verrry big auto industry is in your community.