The Asian ecology of a Brooklynite

Although I am a true “Brooklynite”, my mom is from China (a town called Canton) and my dad is Chinese born Vietnamese (he lived in Saigon). They have two children, my sister and obviously me.

My mom’s family emigrated from Canton, to Hong Kong, then New York (where her uncle lived). My mom said the main motive for moving to America was that American is more advanced in technology in which I find hilariously ironic since my last trip to Hong Kong proved otherwise. On the other hand, my dad’s side of the family emigrated from Vietnam to escape the war. My dad emigrated a couple of years earlier than my grandpa, my grandma, my two uncles and my aunt. He was around 14 and he lived in an apartment by himself in Flatbush where he said was populated with either Blacks or Vietnamese immigrants.

The unique twist about my noticeably Asian family is that my mom and dad (and almost every single person in my family) speak fluent English, which shocked my friends to no end. I am extremely thankful that my mom graduated from Hunter and didn’t give my sister and me a noticebaly Asian name.

Its been 8 years since we moved into our current house and we aren't exactly the most eco - friendly family. I can tell by our bills that we do indeed waste alot of water and electricity. Although we do try to save our resources, my family hasn't made much of an improvement in saving the ecosystem. According to, I would have used up:

FOOD 4.7

and if everyone lives like me, they would need 5.8 planets