My Urban Ecology- It's Not all about what we use!

A rabbit dies then as time pass it decomposes. Sending nutrients to the soil, the plants receive these nutrients and sunlight to live. The tree's are then grown. Where birds are relying on the needs of the tree to have shelter and humans to have oxygen, in which they to live. What about a Snake, where it inhibits the grass which was to also grown by sunlight and decomposed. Where the snake uses grass to help it camouflage or hide, to hunt its pray. Where it can kill a field mouse for food. Well, so many different organisms placed together. Relationships is what they have in common. They each need one another in many different ways to survive weather its for food, shelter, to live, or to expand their species. Everything needs each other wether we break down those barriers of differences or not we all in some way need each other. An in just one word which can explain it all, every single foot print, history, reason, and that is Ecology.
Everything has an ecology, living or non-living. I even have my own, ecology. My life started when I was born in Jamaica queens on July 12, 1989. where I stayed for a month an half for medical difficultly due to early birds. Then arrived home to the urban community in Brooklyn, NY. where I was raised in a 2 bed room apartment. Where I had inhibited my home with 2 older sisters, my mother, and my father. My mother and father are born in Puerto Rico. My mother was born in Camuy and my dad was born in Rinsed. My mother moved out to Brooklyn, in Coney Land when she was less the 6 months old. With my grandmother who was a single mother of 3 at the time. The reason that she moved out to Brooklyn. Was to give here children and better life and education. Cause education was at a greater rise here then in Calumny. She also moved cause work was hard to find, and too far of a distance from her local home. My father in the other hand lived in Rinsed all his life. There, is where he lived in a two room home. which you can consider as those shack like home. With No electric, no running water, and a small farm in the back. But As he got older, he meets my mother. Where she went at the time to visit family. Then soon later had my older sister which, then moved back to Puerto Rico. But when my fathers contract had ended form a local construction business, they both decide to move to Brooklyn to get better benefits. Cause the benefits in Puerto Rico were very low. People were lucky if they got a $15 a day job. A jobs like that there, was like a $35 a day job here. So, after having my two sister, the moved in to a apartment building in of the local projects in Brooklyn. Where I was then raised my whole life. I was bought up with a lot of opportunities in my life. My culture wasn't fill embrace until my later years. I mean we spoke our native language and ate our native cultural food. But it didn't always embrace our lives. Everything in my life, I had embrace and grow a relationship with. wether if its my family, friends, animals, people, and just mostly everything in general. My way of life and everything that surrounded me. Has effected me and made me become dependent on some resources. But also had opened my eyes to may thing. Some times when people think of ecology or understand it for the first time they think that, it automatically has to deal with resources and things like that. But not always, it has to also deal with the effect of the environments. Which is placed on a person or an organism. Like its reaction to things, its way of life, it way of survival and most of all the way it develops. Weather its emotionally, physically, or mentally. Ecology doesn't always have to deal with birds, food, or how much recourses someone can use with in a year or a life time. But it tells us our history of development, during our lives.
Like in nature theirs the survival of the fittest, which is very similar mind thought, as the one we have in our environment. As I grew up in the urban culture of living, it didn't affect me much in a negative way. But it placed everything out there for me to embrace and understand. Nothing was hidden then. It helped me under stand that we all in some way leave an effect on one another. An even a relationship, unconsciously developed between the two. Thats why I see things now and the way that I think has a great deal with my Ecology (environment, Relationships.)
I learned to understand the ways people had approached things in their own way, and the reasons why the did what they did at the time. Like fight, shoot, drug up, kill, and basically just try to get by. I mean it wasn't always negative. Like they say "Where ever theres a bad theres a good." People tried to get by, and fix things. But unfortunately not everything can be fixed. My ecology just basically consist of a family that wanted good, for themselves and everyone else. Just to get what they need to get by. Without losing who they are, in the mix of it all. An just trying to embrace as much as they can. My relationships with the world, is like lookin at the world threw a baby's eyes. So curious to know and feel everything.
To me my ecology dealt with more then just my way of eating, travel, and things I used. But it has to deal with so much more then that. Like the way I speak, dress, walk, live, my interests, my emotions, the type of music I listen to, Its just so much more.
I built a relationships, of a need for knowledge, threw my eyes.