Magically Delicious

"I will kill him by sunset tomorrow !" with that being said, imagine being threatened with black magic. I know, I know , it may sound funny now, but believe it or not black magic was a big threat and it was even commonly believed that this little plant could be used as in it's magic. The Clover lies behind a magnificent past. (shamefully more exiting then mine.)

There's no evident to say that black magic with the clover actually worked in those days but it was heavily believed.( if it did my boyfriend would have to watch out.) There is evidence that this plant is an Irish plant. (Well I guess that explains the Leprechaun.) It was coined by Saint Patrick. In addition, what's so amazing about this plant is that it has an ecology like us humans. I mean this one plant traveled , was used as magic and continued to grow.

The four leaf clover even has it's own saying, which is " to be clove," This means a careful life of ease, comfort and prosperity. You know what was so funny about this was that the saying describes how I live and It wasn't until now that I knew exactly why.