My Ecology - From China to America

My family came from china for better job opportunities and better working conditions. There was unrest in eastern china. There were many inequalities in china. Most of these inequalites come from the communist government and the cost of WWII. In order to have a better life and make a better living, my dad moved here.
When my dad first came here, me nor my brother wasnt born. My dad found an apartment in the projects, in lower East Manhattan. A little later, my aunt moved in with my dad. When he got work, he normally walk there. His first job was an all-around electrician/carpenter. he rode in a car pool to a work place and build things.
My dad first got his car when my brother was born. He got a family van with 5 seats. He got the car because he thinks the family got big. After he was born, he got a car to drive and purchased a house. The car was old so it ran on 15-20 mpg. He oly used the car to drive to the market once every week to once every two weeks. He would still go to work using the train.
When I was born, my dad wanted a bigger house. Then when we moved to a bigger apartment, my dad wont use the car unless its on the weekends, to go buy things or go to places. The apartmen was bigger than all my other houses and apartment that i was living in, but the train was far away. luckily there was a bus that went from my house to the train station on 8th avenue.
Later he found a house when i was like 8. Then my dad moved to the house im living in and got a better suv. The suv runs on 30 mpg. he used it a little more than he normally would for strange reasons. it is mainly because it was new. One time last year, he had to drive the car to work. The workplace is in upstate New York. He drove for an hour to work and back as a meter reader in a company. Now he would still use the car on weekends but once in a while.