What is NATURE?

Conducting a survey about a general topic such as nature can be quite fascinating. What is nature is a question which can be expressed through various ideas. Some believe nature is our forest, and others who have a broader idea believe that nature is something which is living. After conducting my survey with people of a variety of cultural backgrounds I witnessed the different opinions that people have on their views of "nature".
After enjoying my tour through nature at Inwood Park I realized that people have different perspectives on their ecology with nature. As we walk the street we do not recognize the rubbish on the floors. We do not realize the pollution our cars and other vehicles are causing to our environment. Many people believe that nature consists of trees and other living organisms. However, nature is our overall environement and our ecological views pertaing to it. Nature is the way we relate to the different changes which occur in our society. During my tour through Inwood I understood more profoundly the phrase that with every action there is a reaction.
Beofore entering the park and having someone help me open my eyes to "nature", I too had the same ideas about this broad topic. I too believed that nature was the trees and animals in our world. Nevertheless, I soon found out otherwise. I found out that our interaction between the world, is nature. I found out that we are not seperated from the world but rather we are one with it. During my adventure I began to understand that life, or nature is a continuous cycle of recycle. When an organism dies, this process helps establish a life of continuity.

By: Gabriel Shvets