Letter to the Chief of Justice.

Dear Mr._____________

In the year 1964 there was an act passed by the name of “The Wilderness Act”. This act “ were to be managed "for the use and enjoyment of the American people in such manner as will leave them unimpaired for future use and enjoyment as wilderness...". This act was interpreted as letting 9.1 million acres to the enjoyment of the people. There should be no pollution, vehicles and other mechanical equipment were not to be used or anything that destroys this land.

As this interpretation said, from http://www.wilderness.org/OurIssues/Wilderness/act.cfm, damaging this “federal wilderness land” should be a federal crime. This also should be a violation in the clean air act and the air quality act. If the air harms plants, the ecology for animals that depends on it will also be hurt. A bird might eat the fruit and get sick. If that bird gets eaten than the other animals will get sick. If this pollutant is sprayed into the air, it affected one plant. The plant has an increase of toxin. If a bug eats it and does not die, then it will be more poisonous. Then comes along a chicken. When this chicken eats it, the chicken does not die. Then humans and other animals eat it and everyone gets infected. If it dies and other birds are near it, then a different disease will rise. Hence H5N1, a disease often known as the avian flu. Many people wonder where this awful disease have rise.

If these toxic gets out of hand then everyone can be poisoned. There are also many other acts that are left not enforced, for example the Water Quality Act. This act is loosely enforced. This act is to clean up all the rivers. In the dictionary, toxic waste can be considered pollution. The Mississippi river is very polluted. Why isn’t any thing being done to the air, rivers or preserved lands?? There are laws that say that these issues must be enforced.

The environment these days are horrible. Because of these laws not being enforced, we, the people have to suffer. The Gulf of Mexico is getting warmer each year by 3°. This is because of the Water Quality Act is not being enforced. Look at the people who suffered at Hurricane Katrina. Many people have asthma or any other different type of diseases is because of factories. In every city, there are factories, in every factory there is pollution. Near every city are suburbs. Most of the pollution is damaging the suburbs more than the city itself. That is why many people get sick more often in the suburbs more than the people who live in the city. There are many other reasons too.

If the United States is so worried about global warming and other new types diseases, why aren’t we doing anything?? There are proof in the labs. You can go to cities yourself and see the effects. There are many violations being practiced by the factories. There are laws that prohibit most of the actions from companies. All I want to know is why aren’t these laws enforced. Most of the time, these laws are bypassed. It’s almost like most of your colleague don’t care about the people and your health. The most you do in one week is to listen to cases and sit there do nothing. If you claim that you do something, then why aren’t you enforcing these minor but vital laws??


Ricky Kuang,

Student in

John Dewey High School