How does New Yorker smell like?

Nature and Ecology are words that i need to look in a dictionary to be able to deliberately use them. Everybody have a different meaning for nature like "out there, or us human" and for ecology "relationship" In my essay I'm going to talk about the different smell of New Yorker.

I use to think that New York smell subway and garbage, because everywhere i go there is a subway that helping us to move around and garbage that waiting for the truck to come pick them up. But when i went to Inwood park , when the teacher told me to seat down and use my senses and tell him Wat i see, smell, etc. I realize that all of these plants have a different perfume or smell .

For example the Spice bush it smell like pine sole, and cleaning product and the Osage plant smell like orange, citrus and there was in other plant name kinko when it bust it smell like rotten eggs. When i put all this smell together i find out that New Yorker have different smell of everything mix together and i can't realy find the exact word for it .

the osage fruit

the kinko plant