Water Pollution - Its More Then Just Ugly

__Even the nicest communities have ecological and environmental problems and issues. Ask anyone from a heavily populated area what kind of problem they may have in their community and they may tell you something like the rent is too high, or the parking is not good. But ask someone in the Sheepshead Bay area what types of problems their community faces and they may tell you all about problems with the bay. A once quiet and residential neighborhood, Emmons Avenue is now occupied by restaurants, caterers, nursing homes, malls, hotels and condominiums. The waterfront is becoming very commercial. Many passenger boats are docked in the bay and go out on daily fishing trips open to the public, for a small fee. This attraction of many people has become harmful to the bay area. Aside from its attractions, the bay is also home to wildlife. Swans, geese, ducks, and seagulls are some birds in which you will find in the bay. It also houses such aquatic animals as fish and jellyfish, along with being home to algae and seaweeds.
__As more people occupy the area, the bay becomes more polluted. A common sight in the water may be plastic bottles, cans, wrappers, papers, cups and other objects that don't belong there. This is not an appealing sight. It also can be harmful to the wildlife. Many of the birds can choke and suffocate on things thrown in the water. Fish and other creatures can also be affected by this. Such things also cut off the oxygen supply for aquatic plants and algae. I'm sure that if they could talk they would tell us how much they enjoy their environment being polluted. The pollution changes the color of the water and at times may apper to be a murky green. There are supposedly laws and such that penalize those who pollute the bay, but i don't feel that is enough. If these punishments were severe enough, people would not be polluting the water as they do. As an individual i can write a letter to assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz, whose office is located on Ocean Avenue, across the street from the bay, and ask him if he can more strictly enforce the no pollution policy. I can also send out letters to other people representing New York State and ask them to help out as well. As an individual i can avoid polluting the bay as well as making sure the people around me don't. We all live here it should be every one's responsibility to keep it clean.
Photos: Top Left - Sheepshead Bay, Top Right - Polluted Water, Bottom Left - The Bay (the bridge that connects Sheepshead Bay to Manhattan Beach) Bottom Right - Swans On The Water