"The Gangsta Approach"

We have a problem in my community and it's called litter. Now you maybe saying that litter is a problem in every community but when the roaches and mice are not scare to fight you and the rats say hi to you then it becomes a major problem. In my neighborhood at times the kids as well as adults come outside to hang, however, while having fun with each other they seem to drop food on the floor. This increases water bugs and other bugs who will end up in your house having coffee with you.
These problems have also come about because in the building I live in , we have a incinerator. Everyone empties their garbage in the incinerator. Ironically, the garbage goes to the basement. (IN THE BUILDING!!!!) We all know that means more rodents and problems, since they will soon crawl up to apartments in the building. Not to mention, sometimes people do not properly empty the garbage in the incinerator which attracts more rodents for that floor.
Furthermore, as a community we have to put other garbage out on the streets. This is a huge problem because the garbage truck only comes on certain days. I could bet that animals love our block. In fact I wouldn't be surprise if a bear came on our block or even for that matter a whale.
What I am proposing is that we start recycling, If we wish for our kids to grow up in a better environment and for crying out loud NO MORE GARBAGE IN THE BUILDING !!!!!!!! I mean It's 2006, I think it's time for an upgrade! So what do you think? Demote It? Or promote it?