Overshoot Day

Beginning on October 9th and continuing through the end of the year, the world will be living beyond its ecological means. Which means that humanity has used up all of the resources (that the Planet would've produced in one year) in just 10 months. The first Overshoot day was in December 19, 1987. By 1995 it had jumped back a month to 21st November. This year, with Overshoot day on October 9th, humanity's Ecological Footprint ( The Ecological Footprint is a resource management tool that measures how much land and water area a human population requires to produce the resources it consumes) is almost 30% larger than the Planet's biocapacity this year. In other words, it now takes more than a year and three months for Earth to regenerate the resources that we use up in a year.
Overshoot day is Calculated by:
[ world biocapacity / world Ecological Footprint ] x 365 = Overshoot Day. Overshoot shows the day on which our total Ecological Footprint is equal to the biocapacity that nature can regenerate in that year. The day of the year on which humanity enters into overshoot is calculated by calculating the ratio of global available biocapacity to global Ecological Footprint and multiplying by 365. From this, we find the number of days of demand that the biosphere could supply, and the number of days we operate in overshoot. This ratio shows that in just 282 days, we demand the biosphere's entire capacity for the year 2006. the 282nd day of the year is October 9th.