Our Oh So Wonderful Trip To Inwood Park ....

This is what I consider to be the "inner sanctum" of the Park. Being in that enviorment makes you feel calmer some how (If you tone out the airplane noise pollution .... ) There was an assortment of birds squawking their heads off. To the other birds it may be a beautiful love song, to me .... not so much.

This here derformed
tennis ball looking thing is an Osage Orange. It had a tangy citrusy smell and it was extremly sticky (The residue on my knife wouldn't wash off after we used it to cut it in half).

This is an ocean view of Inwoo
d park and the east river. The bridge in the background is the Hudson bridge. Also the field here is over popoulated with Clovers.

This is what Prof. Rosane considered to be "our future." It is decomposing organic matter or simply ..... mulch. It smells, it sticks to the bottom of your hiking boots, but its considered as "Black Gold" by farmers because it is rich with organic compounds.

This is a sink hole that was craved by Glaciers many many many .... years ago.

The white things growing on this decaying tree trunk is a Fungai colony.

At the edge of this clif you can over look the East River.